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GP – S070 Series realizes high visibility by adopting 7” Wide TFT LCD monitor with True Color (16.7 million colors) and various data application ranges. In addition, analog touch type monitor allows more diverse tag arrangement possible comparing to matrix touch type; its data logger function makes possible to support various data collect and back-up, as well. Wide range of interface support including Ethernet and USB Host / Device is another feature of GP – S070 Series to increase user convenience.

As a leading Autonics Graphic Touch Panel Supplier in India, we provide advanced varieties of multi-functions, compact-size designs of touch screen and graphic panel combined in one body, and even more affordable rates. All these touch screen manufacturing processes incorporated such as thermal processing, optical bonding, and glass lamination, are all manufactured in-house right here in our production units located in India.

Autonics Graphic Touch Panel India

With our excellent operating, development, and manufacturing team, we are Autonics Graphic Touch Panel India committed to developing high-end touchscreen designs and the most advanced manufacturing technologies, aiming to efficiently shorten the development cycle while maintaining high-quality touch screens.

These Graphic touch panels are standard devices for HMI(Human Machine Interface) and quickly replace lots of one-only purpose control devices. As these products are robust devices are packaged (hardware, software, and communications) and checked for HMI (human-machine interface) operation. 

Due to all manufacturing processes being done in-house, we are able to focus on numerous types and specifications and also assist in low-volume customized productions. The Customization solutions include sunlight-readable, EMI  protecting, optical bonding, absolute flat design, and microbial protection.