Autonics Pressure Sensor With Display


Autonics Pressure Sensor With Display Supplier in India - PLC Automation India
  • High resolution : 1/100
  • Negative, Positive, Compound pressure type
  • Various output modes
  • Analogue output voltage : 1-5 V DC± 2% F.S.
  • Protection against chattering / over current / reverse polarity
  • CE / IP 40

We are an accomplished Autonics Pressure Sensor With Display, located in India. We provide pressure sensors that are single-stage and multi-stage (select as per the requirement) pressure and differential pressure sensors. Our pressure sensors detect relative or absolute pressures in both liquids and gasses. The pressure response is delicate, and the scope for multiple pressure elements can be switched.

The Pressure Sensor series provides pressure sensors with display and various output variants (switching and analog output) and communication via IO-Link. And the differential pressure sensors & Pressure Transmitters are known for their quality and reliability. These are designed with premium capacitive sensing technology,

Autonics Pressure Sensor With Display Supplier

Our micro-differential pressure sensors approve a sophisticated micro-pressure built. We are Autonics Pressure Sensor With Display Supplier technically as well as economically attractive solutions for a wide range of pressure-measuring chores. All the products range from data loggers to sensors and transmitters.

Our pressure transmitters are provided with protection grade, anti-instantaneous impact, and over-voltage safety features, we use the raw material to resist corrosion, and our chip has an anti-interference function. In high-volume projects as well as in smaller quantities, they benefit from the highest quality standards at affordable rates.