Autonics SCR Power Controllers

SCR Power Controllers Supplier

Autonics SCR Power Controllers Supplier in India - PLC Automation India
Control Input 4-20 mA DC, 1-5 V DC, On/ Off
Control Mode Phase, Cycle, On / Off
Rating Single Phase (35A, 50A)

Our company will offer a complete range that has been manufactured from the most qualitative material that has been acquired from the most reliable raw materials.  We are the Autonics SCR power controllers which are affordable, smaller chip size, and utilized up to a maximum extent. 

With thorough research by our technical team and with modern technologies, we provide the controllers to meet the customer’s standard specifications and conditions. We have our manufacturing units based in India, and supply products throughout the globe, specializing in the production of electrical control panels and switchboard industry. All the products we design, and develop are manufactured according to quality standards and control and carry a full two-year guarantee. 

Autonics SCR Power Controller supplier in India

With the demand for  Autonics SCR Power Controllers in various electronic sectors and the process industries, we are heading towards automation to increase Product Quality, Product Volume & also reduce human errors with cost-effective systems.   Extensive stocks of most products are held which, when coupled with our manufacturing base, facilitate premium customer service and swift delivery on all orders. We are constantly in the process of innovating and introducing many new products like light screen sensors, capacitive proximity switches, photoelectric switches, etc. Our Automation Systems has been engaged as an Autonics SCR Power Controller supplier in India for decades.