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As a pioneer in this field, Autonics Stepper Motor & Controllers, we provide networked Products that were developed with special consideration for applications requiring communication over the network. Built upon decades of immense hard work and dedication, we have accomplished engineering and manufacturing excellence. Their networked family of products brings together decades of smart design and money-saving innovation.

Autonics Stepper Motor & Controllers Supplier in India

Automic’s comprehensive range of 2 & 5-phase stepping motors assures errorless, functional parameters, and control of industrial equipment like SMT for semiconductors, office & computer-related equipment, medical equipment, and so on. We are the leading Autonics Stepper Motor & Controllers Supplier in India and also a global automation partner for industrial sites around the world. We proudly integrate automated components by implementing sophisticated technology. We have the potential to manufacture about 6,000 parts and components, including various types of sensors. 

Our mission is to sustain the best customer experience and support. As industry leaders, we offer competitive pricing, product demonstrations, exclusive member discounts, and much more. We have a fully devoted team of product experts and engineering staff to provide the details and specifications about the product question. The supporting team has several years of real industry experience using the products we supply.