Autonics Temperature, Humidity Transducers Supplier in India - PLC Automation India
Output 1-5V DC, RS 485, 4-20mA
Measuring range THD-R : -19.9~600c, 0-95.0%RH
THD-D : -19.9~600c, 0-99.0%RH
High Accuracy ± 0.50C ± 3%Rh

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Autonics Temperature, Humidity Transducers

As a committed  Autonics Temperature and Humidity Transducers to the perfection of absolute 100% in terms of Quality Rating through its focus on continuous process management, the proper selection and training of its employees, and understanding its potential customer requirements and specifications. 

The temperature and Humidity sensor is a high-sensitivity sensor with a compact size that supports various outputs and communication functions for user benefits and satisfaction. The series realizes the optimal temperature and humidity control by connecting with temperature controllers and panel meters. Also, the series allows more diverse user selection by providing indoor type (THD-R series), duct mount type (THD-D series), and wall mount type (THD-W) as its working environment.