Autonics Tower Lamps

Autonics Tower Lamps Supplier in India

Autonics Tower Lamps Supplier in india - PLC Automation India
  • Bright High, impact & heat resistant
  • Easy to Change, Globe Colour
  • Optional Buzzer : max. 80 dB /m
  • 1~5 Stacks
  • Controllable each step

As one of the global leaders in Autonics Tower Lamps Supplier in India For manufacturing push buttons, switches, and pilot lights, our range of Tower lamps is the benchmark for operator efficiency and effectiveness. It ensures robust, safe, ergonomic, and easy control of machines and manufacturing lines. Furthermore, in the context of IoT, intelligent, connected products that gather and process data, enable customers to make informed decisions.

We have vast knowledge and experience in providing services regarding system integration and automation services for different industries. Further, we are a prominent distributor of automation-related products for several established brands.

We also provide on-site support like functional & technical training and solve all their troubleshooting issues. On account of our client-oriented approach, we have been able to build strong customer support across the domestic and international markets.

Autonics Tower Lamps India

As a complete Autonics Tower Lamps India, a wide range of colors, specifications, mounting bases, illumination options, and technologies, make them an ideal signaling solution for many industrial purposes. Combine these devices with circuit breakers to meet machine security standards and safeguard the motors against various parameters like overloads and short circuits. Add relays for additional protection, specific for your machine and motors.  Discover an absolute set of electrical relays including electromechanical, timer, solid-state, control, and monitoring relays, as well as counters and interfaces.