Renowned today for its Spring Return Actuators, Belimo Controls has been a ground-breaking member of the HVAC industry since 1975. With operations in countries all over the world, Belimo manufactures Actuators, Control Valves, and other HVAC parts for Air and Water HVAC functions that rival the best in the industry. We are Dealer Of Belimo For Actuators, Control Valves, Dampers & Ventilation Systems and HVAC parts for Air and Water HVAC functions

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The repertoire of Belimo parts and HVAC controls includes the following :

  • Motor Actuators
  • Damper Actuators
  • Air Control Systems
  • Control Ball Valves

Belimo Actuators

Belimo is the premier provider of superior quality HVAC actuators. Available in both spring-return and non-spring return styles, Belimo actuators are mainly designed for use in he ating systems. Whatever your specific needs, Belimo has the actuator for your HVAC system. Belimo Controls offers both rotary and full-rotation actuators within its non-spring actuator catalog. Belimo’s only full-rotation actuator, the LU.A model, includes a range of add-ons such as an electric angle adjuster, a positioned for built-in mounting, and an angle rotation limiter.

Belimo Control Valves

Belimo offers a complete line of control valves for all your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration needs.
Belimo’s line of HVAC parts for water-related functions includes :

  • Control Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Globe Valves

Belimo Air Controls: Dampers & Ventilation Systems

Belimo air controls include the following parts:

  • Actuator dampers & air dampers
  • Spring-return dampers
  • Fire protection dampers
  • Motorized mounted ventilation
  • VAV – Boxes
  • Window ventilation

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